Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance

ESI professionals can help you develop the infrastructure to comply with state mandates, federal regulations, or specific licensing criteria. Through detailed policy analysis and creating content specific quality assurance forms, ESI can help your organization achieve desired credentials or compliance in a variety of service areas. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Fidelity with evidence-based practices
  • Close custody safety security
  • Alcohol and drug program certification

We assist in training staff so they understand the certification or compliance process, thereby better ensuring standards are maintained throughout the year.

In addition, ESI’s experts help you to establish quality assurance systems by identifying key activities and processes to monitor, and then developing the appropriate tools, such as surveys and checklists, to measure how well your organization’s systems and processes are aligning with established standards. Having formal quality assurance structures/mechanisms ensures your initiatives are sustainable over time and ultimately delivers more positive outcomes for your organization and staff. The result:  your organization consistently mitigates risk and achieves its goals and mission.

PREA Compliance

ESI is now trained and certified to perform federal Department of Justice (DOJ) Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) program audits to determine whether your correctional facility meets the required PREA standards. Contact ESI today to learn more about what correctional institutions need to do prior to the August 2014 deadline, and how ESI can assist in this process. Learn more on the PREA Compliance page.

Achieve Results With Standards Compliance

  • Perform detailed policy analysis
  • Employ precise measurement tools
  • Ensure initiative quality is sustainable over time
  • Mitigate risk while achieving goals and mission

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