Program Development and Implementation of Research-Proven Practices

ESI assists your organization in creating and implementing programs with processes and practices that are supported by research. We help you create the infrastructure for and implement research-proven practices in various areas including but not limited to: quality assurance, program evaluation and process improvement. Implementation can range from small, short-term projects to large, complex initiatives that impact all levels of your organization.

ESI has extensive knowledge of evidence-based practices (EBPs) across various types of programs, including diversion programs for at-risk youth and treatment programs (juvenile and adult) in a variety of settings ranging from secure institutions/prisons to residential programs in the community.

ESI’s implementation protocol includes using a structured piloting process. Conducting a pilot provides information regarding modifications that must be made prior to full-scale implementation (statewide or nationwide), in order to ensure large-project success.

ESI offers training and technical support services in various disciplines to ensure your program’s success. Our experts have conducted numerous training sessions and lectures on “what works” in, for example, juvenile justice reformation, as well as on effective program implementation, process improvement, and quality assurance. The result: we implement evidence-based practices with a comprehensive plan that assures success and long-term sustainability, and train your staff to recognize effective programming in action (Principles of Effective Correctional Intervention).

Assure Success with Evidence-based Practices

  • Short-term projects or large-scale initiatives
  • Programs and practices proven effective through research
  • Technical training and support for your team
  • Comprehensive plan assures long-term sustainability

Program Evaluation