What we do


Effective System Innovations (ESI) is a consulting company focused on increasing efficiencies and improving outcomes in complex social service systems. Our expertise applies to both public and private sector firms, including government agencies and non-profit social service providers. ESI specializes in performance and process management, system analysis and design, and can build completely new systems as well as improve existing ones. ESI has extensive expertise and experience in juvenile and adult corrections, specializing in evidence-based practices, program evaluation, statewide implementation, process improvement, quality assurance, and project management.

Our goal is to help clients streamline their systems to increase effectiveness, and to optimize system functioning to ensure repeatable and measurable success. ESI uses data-driven methodologies to help clients make informed decisions, reduce costs, and maximize efficiencies. The Result: improved services and success rates for program participants, as well as an overall positive impact to your agency’s goals and mission.

Transfor­mational Solutions

ESI offers transformational solutions for clients ready to disrupt the status quo in order to make their processes more efficient and cost-effective. Transformational solutions are typically not “quick fixes;” rather, they are foundational changes that lay the groundwork for long-term success in achieving goals and satisfying program participants. ESI helps you refine current business processes and systems and/or helps to create new systems that support your agency’s goals. ESI can develop a detailed implementation plan for your organization to execute on its own, or we can stay on board, providing project management to better ensure project success.

The ESI Philosophy

A core tenet of ESI’s philosophy is trust in collaboration and cooperation. We understand that an your organization’s management and staff are the experts both in understanding your program participants and the challenges they face. Therefore, the goal of any ESI consulting strategy is to facilitate the merger of the organization’s expertise with ESI’s content and experiential knowledge. ESI has the enthusiasm and capacity to work with your team at every level, from executive leadership to direct field staff, to ensure successful development, implementation, and evaluation of agency initiatives and systems.

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

ESI offers a unique breadth of expertise and services. Each consulting proposal is custom tailored to your individual organization’s needs and the expected deliverables. Creating a unique service package based on your expectations and specific deliverables results in an overall cost-savings for your organization.

Consulting Services

ESI’s consulting services include the following areas of expertise:

Organizational Development:


Process Analysis and Improvement


Program Development and Evaluation

Why ESI?

Times are tough. In today’s economy, we are expected to do more with less. Social service providers and government entities are faced with significant challenges trying to sustain business operations without sacrificing the quality of services provided to clients.

ESI benefits include:

  • A wealth of experience to solve complex issues
  • Professional expertise to assure successful implementations the first time
  • An individualized consulting plan with a collaborative approach

There is no better time than now to determine areas needing improvements, implement feasible solutions, and to simplify and streamline your business processes.

Contact ESI today to achieve the cost savings you need while achieving improved organizational goals and desired outcomes.

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