Process Improvement and Lean Management

ESI helps your organization to implement a process improvement system that can be applied to all areas of your organization. Using Six Sigma principles and Lean management tools, we guide your organization in analyzing and streamlining processes, highlighting deficiencies, and eliminating waste. By identifying “bottleneck” areas in a process and creating effective solutions to reduce process time, staff resources can be re-allocated to work on other priority projects. Our team facilitates process improvement activities and trains your organization to use simple but effective problem-solving methods. The result: Ongoing, incremental changes that ensure your organization is constantly improving, leading to measurable positive changes over months and years.

ESI’s experts help your organization to identify the processes and systems that directly contribute to value for your program participants. We also help train your organization to think and act as Lean managers, every day, creating efficiencies in processes and a culture of continuous improvement. The result: By focusing on and driving up value for your program participants, your agency becomes more efficient and consistently achieves its goals.

Increase Efficiency While Achieving Goals

  • Based on proven Lean and Six Sigma principles
  • Ongoing, incremental improvement
  • Improved value for program participants
  • Reduced process time and waste

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