Strategic Planning and Performance Management

ESI’s team of experts will assist your organization in creating a comprehensive performance measurement system that combines strategic planning with relevant and meaningful performance measures. By regularly monitoring key metrics based on objective data, management will understand where processes are meeting the desired outcomes, and where the agency may be falling short of targets. Key indicators are defined to draw attention to problems so that management can investigate the cause and “course correct” quickly. The result: a well-crafted performance management system that aligns key goals, core processes, and activities to the agency’s overall mission. 

ESI consultants understand that agencies face competing demands (city, state, and federal requirements) and are expected to meet these demands with limited resources. ESI consultants can lead executive leaders through a systematic process of mapping out agency initiatives and determining priorities based on level of risk to the agency. The result: a multi-year roadmap that prioritizes resources to accomplish mission critical initiatives. 

Align Key Goals and Processes with Mission

  • Strategic plan to ensure short and long-term success
  • Key metrics monitored regularly
  • Based on objective data
  • Problems identified for quick correction

Strategic Planning and Performance Management-Side- ESI