Staff Recruitment and Retention Services

Finding staff who are a good fit for the agency/facility and determining what motivates staff to stay in their positions are key areas for exploration. Research has shown that these components have a costly impact on facility culture, financial resources, and youth outcomes. More specifically high staff turnover increases the risk of serious incidents, increases stress on staff, diminishes positive outcomes for youth and families, and is financially costly to agencies.

If agencies can identify and understand the factors that contribute to why employees leave, they can intervene by implementing measures to impact staff retention. Staff retention is a complex issue that is impacted by a series of factors including level of management support, staff involvement in decision making, and staff wellness, to name a few. Using lean management tools, ESI consultants lead agencies in a structured process to uncover the root causes contributing to staff turnover. Subsequently, ESI works with clients to develop a detailed implementation plan to effectively address retention challenges. The result: A methodical research-proven examination of staff retention and implementation of effective strategies that will improve staff retention (decrease high staff turnover).

ESI consultants also work closely with agency and program leadership to thoroughly examine the current recruitment and hiring processes. Using lean management tools, ESI facilitates work sessions to develop effective recruitment strategies and hiring practices that will enhance the quality of the direct care staff workforce. ESI consultants also lead workgroup members in developing detailed action plans to effectively retain direct care staff. The result: Streamlined processes and effective strategies to better ensure quality direct care staff are recruited, hired, and retained. The ultimate impact is a decrease in staff turnover and increase in staff morale.

For some specific resources for your jurisdiction, please have a look at following:

Reduce Cost and Risk in Agencies

  • Identify and develop effective recruitment and hiring strategies
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase staff morale.
  • Mitigate risks while driving positive outcomes for youth and families