Project Management

ESI assists your organization in developing detailed strategies to implement critical and complex initiatives. Our services include: developing detailed implementation activities, communicating plan objectives, setting reasonable timeframes, creating outcome indicators, monitoring the plan, and developing strategies for sustaining project success. ESI uses a structured project management process, based on Six Sigma principles, that moves a project through critical steps from project initiation to planning, execution, and project closure. We guide your project through the project life cycle, allowing risks to be identified and potential threats to be mitigated.

As part of ESI’s effective project management services, we maintain frequent communication with project sponsors and project leaders to keep them informed of any unexpected challenges encountered. This immediate, transparent communication addresses issues rapidly and generates effective solutions. The result: We help you develop a roadmap for success, monitor progress, and immediately identify any issues that arise. Using these proven techniques, your project stays on track and delivers the expected outcomes for both your agency and program participants.

Proven Techniques for Complex Initiatives

  • Comprehensive roadmap development
  • Structured process based on Six Sigma principles
  • Delivers expected outcomes for agency and program participants